Benefits to study in Germany

  1. No tuition fees at public universities in Germany

Higher education in Germany is mainly funded by the state and as such it is literally free of charge for domestic and international students alike. The German higher education system consists of around 400 institutions, divided into public “tuition free” institutions that host over 2.4 million students across Germany, and a smaller number of private institutions that enroll less than 5% of the total student body.

In the past decade, Germany has been politically struggling to ban tuition fees throughout the whole country; yet as a decentralized federal country it was difficult to bring all 16 of the federations to agree. In October 2014, consensus was reached and Germany is now offering access to free higher education to all students, regardless of their origin. 


  1. Great job opportunities

Regardless of the free tuition fee policy, studying in Germany doesn’t come entirely for free – you still need to meet the living costs. Therefore many international students tend to look for a job to support themselves while studying. It is very easy for EU students to find a job, as there are no limitations whatsoever. Meanwhile students from non-EU countries have to apply for a work permit, and their working hours are limited to 190 full days or 240 half days per year.

Students from countries outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland are not permitted to work freelance or self-employed. However, this has seldom been an issue since Germany is a very well-developed country where the economy supports thousands of new jobs every day, giving the majority of international students the possibility of finding a decent job.

It’s worth mentioning that practice-oriented universities in Germany have agreements with great companies, providing students with internships. These may not always be paid, but could lead to a great future job after obtaining your degree.


  1. Plentiful Scholarships

German education institutions give out a lot of financial support and scholarships to international students on the basis of merit. So, if you are a bright student, you can rid yourself of the worry of any monetary problems. Student benefits and discounts come to an overseas student’s rescue.3.


  1. Abundance of courses and colleges

There is an abundance of colleges and courses to choose from. This is a major reason to study in Germany. You can find numerous college-course combinations which are sure to provide an internationally acclaimed study experience. With more than 12 thousand courses and programs, a student can zero in on the course best suited to her/him.4.


  1. International reputation of colleges

Universities like Heidelberg University, Technical University of Berlin, University of Bonn, among others, have a global standing when it comes to the top universities of Germany. Many German universities made it to the top 200 universities according to QS and Times Higher Education (THE) rankings. The status of German colleges is in itself a mark of quality.5.


  1. No language barriers

Do you want to study in Germany but cannot speak German? Well, don’t worry! Many German universities teach their curricula in English, especially during the first year of one’s college life. This flexibility pertaining to language medium is a good reason to study in Germany. Not only the study material and lectures are in English, the notices and circulars are issued in both the languages, to facilitate non-German speakers.6.


  1. Opportunity to learn new languages

What better place to learn German than Germany itself? Multilingualism is a valued skill in the job market today, and German is a language that adds weight to your profile. Not only German, the large numbers of international students bring with them their own native communication systems, which indisputably create an aura of linguistic heterogeneity.


  1. Cultural Hub

Germany has a brilliant profile of international students, coming from ALL countries – no matter how big or small. A variety of cultures provide the context for development of interest in other cultures and also a sensitized approach towards world cultures. It is a great multicultural learning center.


  1. An attractive workplace

Germany entices its students to stay, after their study completion, with its high-paying and secure job market. A whopping 50 percent of international students remain in the country to serve the German workplaces.


  1. Leisure time forerunner

Germany has a wide quantity of pastime activities centers like opera houses, movie theaters, multiplexes, food and beverage outlets, museums, monuments with impeccable architecture, discotheques et cetera.


  1. A conglomeration of qualities

With its high quality, internationally recognized, subsidized education which helps you find promising employment in the country itself, Germany is a holistic, self-sufficient package in itself, and the perfect answer to ‘Why Study in Germany?’


  1. Staying in Germany after your studies

Finally, after studying in Germany, you’ll have the chance to stay on and seek work after you graduate. The law allows international graduates to stay for an additional 18 months to seek work, and you may even end up staying longer, if that is what you wish.