Extra curricular activities while study


For many people in Germany, it is important to achieve a balance between work and leisure. Take advantage of your free time too to enjoy the vast choice of activities. Sports, culture or excursions – we’d like to introduce you to some of the leisure activities that are available in Germany.


Outdoor activities

For many people in Germany, free time is necessarily spent outdoors – whatever the time of year. This is why there is never any lack of things to do. Of course, people in Germany love long, sunny summer days. That’s when nature-lovers really get their money’s worth – days on the beach in the North Sea and Baltic coastal regions, cycling and boating in the countryside of northern and eastern Germany with its meadows and rivers or rambles through the idyllic mountain scenery of the Alps are what many families choose to do with their free time at that time of year. Besides these activities, numerous lakes and open-air swimming pools, summer toboggan runs and rope courses also attract plenty of people on hot summer days. In the winter, most people head to regions where there’s plenty of snow. That’s the skiing and snowboard season in the south of Germany and the regions with low mountains. However, even right outside your own front door, frozen lakes and snow-covered slopes offer great opportunities for ice-skating and sledging enthusiasts. Cold is no problem with a drink of hot tea, mulled wine, non-alcoholic punch or grog (a hot drink with rum). You’ll find the right equipment as well as warm, waterproof clothing in any large sports store.



There are bound to be sports activities to do somewhere near you too. Every large town has its own sports club. Most of these offer all kinds of ball sports, light athletics and other kinds of courses, such as keep-fit, martial arts, dancing or water sports. Just ask at your local town hall or find out what activities are available near you on the Internet. Another alternative to sports clubs is sport at work. Many companies organise sports activities for their employees outside working hours, such as running, football and keep-fit, as well as health-focused activities such as back-strengthening exercises. You can find out details from your Human Resources department or from other colleagues.



Make the most of Germany’s exciting art and culture scene. Museums, concerts, plays, comedy shows, festivals and local festivities are on all year round, featuring well-known artists or exciting new faces. Germany has something for everyone, from classical concerts to Carnival customs. You can find out what’s on near you from the tourist information office or on the Web site of your town.



The German cinemas attract millions of visitors every year. Most cinema films are screened in German. Nevertheless, many cinemas hold screenings of foreign films in their original language. But German cinema culture is also worth discovering: in 2011, a total of 212 German-made films and international co-productions were shown in cinemas. More and more German cinema-goers are enjoying the possibility of viewing films in 3D. Today, virtually every large town has a 3D cinema. A German cinema film usually lasts an hour and a half, and a visit to the cinemas costs an average 7.70 euros