German Language

In order to be able to study at a german university first goal has to be: to get familiar with the german language. Students have to put a lot of hard work and energy in it to fulfill the standards at german universities.
Therefore we are in a great partnership with a highly recommended language school which has a long history in Berlin, Germany.
Today students from all continents visit their courses. Thirty running courses with an average total of 600 participants illustrate the great interest and the continuing popularity of the school. Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers are the foundation of a successful and recognized language school. Here all teachers are native speakers. They offer all courses from A1 to C2. The concentrated linguistic work in a pleasant atmosphere causes many students to come back again and again, either to renew old contacts or to attend more advanced courses.
There we offer a wide spectrum of language courses for our students as well as activities to best suite the students’ learning experience. Final exams take place at the end of each course and certificates are issued for each level.