Our Profile

We offer a variety of opportunities for students to study in Germany and earn credit towards their degree. We are very dedicated and enthusiastic about the future placement of our international students at universities throughout Germany in cooperation with our educational providers.
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 We are connecting our students with our educational partners in Berlin. Together with them we offer a wide range of language programs that provide students with the applied and theoretical basis for success in academic endeavors and in the future workplace. Furthermore we are constantly extending our partnerships in order to be able to offer a wider range of study programs together with innovative and broudly equipped universities.



  • To be relevant, accessible, and innovative.
  • To offer career-focused courses to transform students into leadership-ready graduates.
  • To provide exceptional service and support to students
  • To offer flexibility to make education more accessible to those eager to progress both academically and professionally.
  • To foster a diverse and challenging learning environment focused on practical application of knowledge and building competencies for scholarship, leadership, and responsible citizenship in a global context.


A highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team is the foundation of our work.  The teachers at our partner language school are all native speakers and highly professional. Through the creation and expansion of the educational material current issues are regularly introduced in classes. Since a large number of our teachers are also trained in foreign languages, they are able to detect problems and sources of errors in their students´ language acquisition. This also allows initial communication difficulties – the language of instruction is German from the first day onward – to be reduced or eliminated. Students lose their fear of communicating and expressing themselves.